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The right 3D printing System for your application

3D printers have definitely evolved from hobby devices to full-fledged industrial machines. Today, there are a large number of suppliers as well as different 3D printing technologies with sometimes striking differences in quality and price. Getting an overview of the 3D printer jungle is difficult. AMTEC Swiss accompanies you in the decision-making process and shows you, based on your needs, which 3D printing system fits your project.

Customer relationship is in our genes, we drive innovation and new developments for our customers - our printers are custom-made on request, so that additive manufacturing brings real added value to you. With the purchase of a 3D printer, our customers become partners, whom we continue to accompany and advise even after the machine has been put into operation.

Consulting: From evaluation to solution

Many 3D printers can be ordered directly on the Internet. For private purposes perhaps a good solution. Before deciding to buy a professional 3D printer, we recommend an evaluation of your needs and processes. This is best done with an external partner who can show you possible solutions based on your internal and external environment. You have not yet introduced 3D printers in your company, but are interested in doing so? You would like to have test prints from one of our printers? You are already printing, but you are not completely happy with it and are looking for solutions? Ask the AMTEC Swiss Team, we will be happy to take care of your request.

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Training & Installation

Just as riding a bicycle must be learned, commissioning a 3D printer requires good training as well as practice and patience. It goes without saying that we carefully install and test our 3D printers on site. Depending on the machine type, we carry out the training parallel to the installation.

A suitable printer and coordinated materials are one thing, a print file adapted to 3D printing is another. In order to obtain the best printing results, further prerequisites are elementary: the correct printer setting as well as qualitatively good printing materials. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you on the choice of materials.

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To print on our machines, all you need is an installed slicing software and a 3D printing optimized file either already as .gcode or in .stl, .obj. or .3MF format. The slicing software generates a .gcode which makes the file printable for the 3D printer. Our 3D printers already come with Simplify3D® slicing software, a widely used and popular software for generating the 3D print file, or .gcode. Your wish more information to Simplify3D® ?

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Maintenance & Support

Even though our 3D printers are generally considered to be low-maintenance, we recommend a maintenance and support contract. Depending on the workload of the machine and the materials used, cleaning and replacement of wear parts may be necessary from time to time. We not only support you with maintenance, you can also count on us in emergencies. Would you like more detailed information about our service and maintenance support? Please contact us at any time.

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